New Promo (Spoilers)

hopeyougogirl, 5/3/2021, 7:11PM(42 days ago) @BoldReason

Oh, eyeroll, eyeroll, eyeroll!

Here's to hoping Shauna has a conscience like she did for her own wedding and she tells her martini buddy the truth.

You know what? Eric is in no position to talk! The years of his infidelity to first Beth and then to Stephanie! I remember him being buck naked on a balcony with a pillow over his privates trying not to get caught in an adulterous liaison with Donna, whom he took from his younger son Thorne! I hope the old fart finally gets his!

Well, he's done his fare share of crap in the past, but I'm enjoying this s/l so far..I hope he kicks his cheating wife to the curb and she can go stay with her new boy toy. I'm sure Quinn won't mind given up her lavish lifestyle plus her portrait removed. :lol Queen of a mansion OR small loft....tough choice.

Shown on screen, Steffy blackmailed Bill. Yet, she told Ivy (and Liam too) that “blackmail is a crime”. Per Steffy’s own words, she IS a criminal cuz she has blackmailed.

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