Thomas is hilarious

matisse, 4/8/2021, 12:25AM(4 days ago) @Viola

Did he really say that what Vinny did is unforgivable? Did he really say it to the woman suffered partially because of him for months? Does he even realize what he did to Hope, Liam and the whole family? He blocked Vinny for this, but he expects that Hope will maybe invite him to her life? It's incredible how Ridge's and Taylor's kids think that they are special and need to be treated differently than others...

They come by it honestly. Their parents are both self centered hypocrites who have either killed or tried to kill people. and thought they should not have to pay for it. Tom and Steffy did not fall far from those trees, and they too have both killed or attempted to kill people and thought they should not have to answer for it, and in fact, never did have to answer for it.

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