How do Hope and Thomas share a child?

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I'm a bit confused. I haven't been watching that long. I watched for a few months when Stephy and Liam were married and Liam found out Bill was the baby's father. Things got busy and I stopped watching in the middle of Hope and Liam getting back together. I started up again the day Thomas was supposed to be marrying Zoe and hoping he would end up marrying Hope.

I mentioned in an earlier post that while it is nice Hope and Thomas can parent their child and maintain a friendly relationship but that a return to romance was not possible. I got a reply that they never had a romance. So how do they have a child together? Was it a drunken one night stand? Did Thomas rape her?

Also, even if it wasn't rape, Hope can be polite and firm. She can be friendly with Thomas, but whenever he says anything about always bein there for her, she should make it clear it is co-parenting friends only.

I'm also weary of Brooke telling Hope that she is a forgiving person , that she and Liam love each other and they should get back together. Hope needs to stand up for herself and remind her mother it the question isn't whether she and Liam love each other, it is whether she can trust Liam. After all, it only took him 3.5 minutes after seeing what he thought was Thomas and Hope to run to Stephy. There can be no reconciliation until Liam's actions give Hope enough confidence he will never cheat on her again. And four weeks of "I"m sorrys, I love yous and flowers can't undo his actions.

So I don't care if Hope is a nice person, she can be nice and still be firm about what she wants and what she needs in a romantic partner and be clear with Thomas it will never be him and clear with her mother and Liam it will be on her timetable not theirs.

Karen L.

I think Hope is able to stand up to Brooke when she doesn't like her advice. Just a few weeks ago one of their scenes ended with Brooke encouraging her to take Liam back. In the next scene, Liam came to the cabin so they could talk. That was when Hope told him she wanted the separation. She did exactly the opposite of what Brooke advised her to do.

"I love you more than anything or anyone in the world. And I want you by my side for the rest of my life."

Liam to Hope. Debate over.

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