Next time Hope should snag a single guy

Barbybo, 2/24/2021, 12:26PM(46 days ago) @MegsMom
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Liam was a very married man when Hope went to Steffy to tell her that she was gonna have sex with liam to take Steffy's power away.. Same when with steam's 2nd marriage, he was a very married man. And this this time he hadn't even begun the annulement procedure and signed and filed them AFTER knocking Hope up.

Married and living together as man and wife versus separated with annulment and/or divorce papers filed or waiting to be filed, are vastly different scenarios. Many couples are still legally married, but separated and not living together. Some never divorce, usually due to the high costs involved. However, those couples get on with their lives, often with other partners. Sorry, but vilifying Hope for being with a still legally "married", but separated Liam, means vilifying thousands of others in the same situation. :neutral

Why marry at all then , couples live together no problem ..with all these annulments saves legal fees ..some shack up seems liam would dig that I think he would love just shacking up ..why marry ...easy to leave when you get bored or disgusted no strings no alimony....he don’t honor vows why make them be a free spirit ...just carry contraceptives in his back pocket please these characters don’t respect marriage why bother with ceremonies at carter could have more free time.. ..hey don’t honor vows just skip the legal..what’s that saying why buy the cow when the milks now free:lol. Allways hated that old saying ...seems the guy git the better of the cow scenario

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