Next time Hope should snag a single guy

Barbybo, 2/24/2021, 12:11AM(47 days ago) @xenalwless
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Liam was salivating over Steffy's pictures before Steffy made any move on him. and lope were cheating on each other and dumping each other before Steffy interfered. Steffy didn't have to do much to get liam. Lope on the other hand didn't even bother making the smallest effort to save their so called love.Steffy dumped liam a few rimes, walke away a few times but liam chased her and wouldn't let her go. From the moment steam's first marriage was annulled, Steffy didn't owe lope anything at all. Liam was the one refusing to let Steffy go

Oh little tidbits many they should run flashbacks of liam telling Steffy how much he loved her, just reminders he waffels with a straight face..I allways thought the emmys should have a waffel emmy liam would have them stacked like the Empire State Building high on all the soaps he’s the king of them ...instead of Burger King he should open a waffel king ..yes Hope should definitely think single on her next quest for a husband, it should be number one on her wish list

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