Next time Hope should snag a single guy

Barbybo, 2/23/2021, 11:58PM(48 days ago) @Drangonfly
edited by Barbybo, 2/24/2021, 12:01AM

indeed yet everyone had the nerve to blame Steffy for lope's many failures.

Steffy should be blamed for all the lying, scheming, and manipulations she pulled to break up Hope and Liam so she could have him for herself. Never worked out for her, though.

For ten years Hope couldn’t snag liam all those almost wedding were amuseing, the undie was my fav, the runaway bride with his bro was cool but not as cool as jumping in the sea with Wyatt then there’s the bed roll befor the I do in Italy ..gawd ten years she gets knocked up gets married and he sex his x phew alit of work for zip maybe Hope needs chacha lessons so he don’t stray:lol. I think she should get a billboard of liam herself and Beth so liam remembers he’s a married guy a reminder

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