Walk away, Liam!

Barbybo, 2/23/2021, 3:18PM(47 days ago) @BoldReason

Here is the thing, Liam hasn't answered the question why he assumed Hope betrayed him! Even when he thought that Hope betrayed him why didn't he go to his brother or his father? Why did he go over to Steffy and declare to her that he wanted to reconcile, that he gave up his family to be with Hope. I think that Hope's supposed betrayal and his reaction is the reason Hope is stuck! She knows that Liam is in love with another woman and that love is equal to the love Liam has for her. All of this time Hope has thought that Liam loved her more than anyone. She explained away his behavior in the past by using Steffy as an interloper. She never doubted that she was the number one love of Liam.
It is dawning on Hope that she isn't number one. She is realizing that she is caught in the same mire of foolishness that Brooke and Taylor and Ridge were in. Does Hope need to be in her fifties go finally have Liam all to herself? Liam should walk if he has any feelings for Hope!

I pity the babies...each baby has a part time dad and who knows who he knocks up yet

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