Next time Hope should snag a single guy

MegsMom, 2/23/2021, 3:15PM(47 days ago) @Steffyfanatic

Not a guy who married his x three times with a baby on tap:drunk Really bad judgement single ones no baggage are a better choice ,.. she should have saw a red flag after he married his x three times ...She’s not the smartest tac in the box .. would love both gals new guys ..give us fresh air ..Steffy needs to change the locks set boundaries and liam needs to take kids to the cabin ...nit hang on the couch..both gals need single guys now Steffys got one don’t blow it Hopes turn...

She should have married a man that doesn’t have a history of waffling but he’s her husband now so that’s her deal.

But isn't that just as true for Steffy? How many times has she married Liam only to have him run back to Hope? Steffy certainly knew what Liam was like. Did she deserve to be hurt as some are declaring Hope deserves? Personally, I think both Hope and Steffy need professional therapy for wanting that horse's hind end, but I don't think either deserve to be hurt for their poor judgement.

At some point, you have stop pointing the finger at Liam only and look at the women who allow him to jump back and forth between them. They know his track record and they have tolerated every time he’s disrespected them and praise him as if he’s the best man ever. Hope has been through this for years with Liam running to Steffy whenever things go wrong. Did she really think that would change with Liam having a baby with Steffy? She married him knowing his history and that he has a kid with Steffy. That wasn’t a smart decision. Steffy also hasn’t made smart decisions when it comes to Liam. The reason why Liam can go back and forth between them is because they allow it. I’m done feeling sorry for them. At some point they need to take responsibility for their bad decisions concerning Liam. That doesn’t mean they deserve to be hurt but I’m not feeling sorry for them. Liam has showed his true colors many times and they keep going back to him.

Totally agree! :cool

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