Hope is too weak of a doormat to let go of Liam

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Annal paternity test?On what show?

What did Steffy do that makes her so horrible and unworthy of love?

Steffy and a married bill fell in love and wanted a future together. She played by his rules to get her family's company back.

Steffy flirted with Owen and backed off when he rejected her.

Steffy flirted with hope's boyfriends: Oliver flirted and laughed and never took Steffy seriously because he knew she wasn't serious and just out for revenge.But backed off pretty fast.

Steffy flirted and befriended liam and they kissed a few times.Hope was doing the same and more with oliver while she was dating liam.

Liam was engaged to Steffy when hope was locked in the gondola.Steffy sent drinks to hope in mexico, did Steffy or thomas encourage her to drink them, hope's choice.

Steffy came back from Paris and wanted liam back but when he married Ivy she left him alone. He's the one who begged her to not give up on him JUST because he was married

Ally and Ivy: inboth instances Steffy defended herself.

Steffy supported Caroline's lie because she didn't trust Sally and wanted Douglas to have his 2 parents together.

Steffy had a ons with Bill while married to liam because liam finally succeeded at breaking her

Steffy tried to protect her grandfather from Quinn.

Steffy tried to break bridge up to reunite her parents

Steffy had a drunken ons with a married liam

She doesn't lie more than everyone else on this show. Lope and brooke lie way more than her.

There is nothing in Steffy's history that makes her less worthy of love than lope and bridge who are way worse than her.

Steffy did her best to break up Bill and Katie’s marriage, even saying she came back to town to do so. She went from married Owen to taken Oliver to married Bill to engaged Liam but then demanded that Hope and others respect her marriage. She’s was a total hypocrite.

She wanted Bill to leave his wife, even after Katie had a heart attack, telling him it didn’t change anything.

She didn’t just befriend Liam, she threw herself at him, telling him she would sleep with him when Hope wouldn’t, constantly bad mouthing Hope to him and bullying Hope, telling her she would sleep with Liam and that Hope was immature etc. for wanting to wait for marriage to have sex.

Steffy hid Liam’s phone to keep him and Hope from talking, then ran interference between them in Aspen, enlisting Bill’s help to keep Lope apart. She knew that if they talked, she’d be out in the cold. She did the same thing when they all ended up in Cabo together.

She came back from Paris, belittled Liam and Ivy’s relationship and set conditions on the Forrester/Spencer business deal that Liam had to leave Ivy for the deal to go ahead. When Liam married Ivy,she slapped him, smashed things and had a total hissy fit , telling Liam “you couldn’t save your mother so you have to save everyone else” or something nasty like that. She was horrid.

Whether self defence or not, Steffy lied to the police and her family, including Aly’s dad, about exactly what happened that night. She also broke a restraining order going to Ivy’s house, after telling Wyatt about Ivy’s kiss with Thomas. She interferes when it benefits her but then keeps her mouth shut when it doesn’t, like keeping the lie about Caroline from her brother. You say Liam broke her but Liam wouldn’t have been so involved if Steffy and Bill weren’t systematically destroying Sally’s life, even after Liam asked her not to. She played her part it the problems they were having but then capped it off by sleeping with his father!

She interferes and judges other people’s relationships because she thinks she knows best. Quinn and Eric were just another example. Plus she totally manipulated and played Wyatt, culminating in her sleeping with Liam while he was still her brother in law. And she ended up married to Wyatt as part of a chain of events including Liam finding them in bed together. Steffy “held him like a teddy bear” while half naked - oh yeah, totally appropriate. If that was Brooke people would have a field day!

She tried to break Bridge up many times and even though she wasn’t involved in the plot for ‘Berrygate’ she guilt tripped Ridge about not marrying Taylor and coming home to their family - even though Thomas didn’t live there and she herself just bought a house (a love nest for her and her married boyfriend, mind you). She didn’t care about her little brother RJ at all and even referred to him as part of the “them” against the “us” of her, Thomas and Taylor.

She just slept with a married man while in a relationship herself and waxed lyrical about it in the following days to a nauseating degree and now, surprise surprise, she’s pregnant with another WTD baby.

And I could go on. How about how condescending and dismissive she was to her grandmother over Stephanie’s charity work involving the café Dayzee’s. And her reaction to Thomas dating “that homeless Dayzee”. Or the ‘Ho for the future’ prank. She even cheated on Marcus with Rick. And so much more over her time as an adult on this show. She’s was a mean girl and now she’s a selfish woman. JMO.

Great post. You nailed it.

"I love you more than anything or anyone in the world. And I want you by my side for the rest of my life."

Liam to Hope. Debate over.

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