Next time Hope should snag a single guy

soapsarefun, 2/23/2021, 8:11AM(111 days ago) @xenalwless- one person liked this

Liam was a very married man when Hope went to Steffy to tell her that she was gonna have sex with liam to take Steffy's power away.. Same when with steam's 2nd marriage, he was a very married man. And this this time he hadn't even begun the annulement procedure and signed and filed them AFTER knocking Hope up.

No, he wasn't "very married". He filed for divorce and had not lived with Steffy for months. Again, it isn't "very married" when one person leaves the country and tells the other the marriage is over. Third one was that Liam got Steffy's signature AT NIGHT when courts were not open. He filed the very next day and the annulment was done. Not one of those compare. And not one of those instances were "very married". Hope and Liam, on the other hand, were IN FACT very married.

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