Next time Hope should snag a single guy

soapsarefun, 2/23/2021, 7:58AM(111 days ago) @Barbybo

Steffy had drunken sex wih Hope's husband ONE freaking time and he's the one who went after her and used the mother to get the woman. Hope had sex with Steffy's husband during all 3 steam's marriages

Gee I didn’t realize that ...interesting ..and she’s soppose to have wings;-) I knew she git engaged to a married guy three times I thought that was soooo weird especialy when Brooke was thrilled about it ..

Not one of those are the same. Liam was wanting an annulment first go around, and Steffy wouldn't do it because she wanted to chase and beg Liam to come back to her. They were not living together and Liam wanted Hope to move in with him. Nothing like Hope not even knowing Liam thought she had cheated so went to someone else while Hope was home thinking all was fine. They were absolutely living together, and Steffy was well aware. Second time -Steffy left to go to Paris and told Liam they were over. Again, not at all the same. Last time -Steffy willingly had sex with her father in law (who was also married) and Liam had again already not been living with Steffy, had obtained her signature on the annulment papers and told her they were over. So, not one similarity. And yes, circumstances DO matter.

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