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LiveThroughThis, 2/23/2021, 5:39AM(7 days ago) @xenalwless

Steffy should apologize once and that's it. And if I say that she should it's only because she's better than lope and brooke who never acknowledge that they're wrong and blame others, never apologize.

I love Brooke but her whole trope is doing the wrong thing then begging forgiveness. She even has the single “forgive me tear” down pat! :lol

I happen to have posted some dialogue the other day of Hope apologising and I still have it copied to my clipboard, it was in a comment thread that I think was removed

Hope: Yeah. (Sighs) I made some really bad decisions. (Scoffs) Say, that's an understatement, actually.
Steffy: You know what? You don't have to explain it to me.
Hope: No, I do, because one of. (Sighs) Bad decisions. I was... behaving as if your marriage would end any day. I should not have pushed that on you. It was your decision.
Steffy: Look, I don't blame you for wanting what you wanted.
Hope: I was in denial. You know, I-I wasn't okay with the way I was living my life, so I told myself that, in day or so, I wouldn't be.
Steffy: You know what I think?
Hope: Hmm?
Steffy: I think we're just so focused on the technicalities-- whose name is on the dotted line with Liam.
Hope: I agree.
Steffy: It's about the quality of the relationship that really matters.
Hope: Yep. And I know that this is the best thing for Liam and me. (Sighs) I just--I-I can't feel right about living with Liam when he's still married to you. And that is not your problem to fix. It's mine.

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