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3. Vinnie messing with the paternity test is not suspenseful and makes no sense. With Bridget you could clearly understand Sheila's motives; she needed Brooke's baby to be Ridge's so she could have Eric. Plain an simple. What does Vinnie stand to gain in this? Seeing his pal happy? What about Steffy? Wasn't he crushing on her a while ago? Wouldn't it make more sense to get Liam out of her orbit? And what about Hope? Hasn't Hope suffered enough? I am just so mad that Steffy gets to mess up everyone's life, then she gets nothing but accolades for it. No repercussions what-so-ever.

Sometimes the actions just don't make that much sense.

I am still not getting the SL from last year and I am still wondering why Penny would risk her career and would help Sally to con everyone including the bosses at FC?

Even if Penny had a desire to become a designer herself - how was Sally going to help her with that when Sally was supposed to be fatally ill and not able to work at FC?

Did Penny think that after some time Sally would just have a miracle recovery and then would convince her bosses to give Penny a chance?

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