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angry gal ⌂, Land Down Under, 2/22/2021, 10:02PM(3 days ago) @CammyBad

Takeaways from today's episode:

1. I am pissed to the highest level of pissivity that Steffy is being given a pass for her abhorrent behavior, and it is now all about Steffy not getting stressed. How can I say this in a nice way.........TO HELL WITH STEFFY AND HER FREAKING STRESS. There. I feel much better now. Cause you know, a heauxing beyotch isn't gonna be my first concern. Cause a heauxing beyotch's stress was self derived, and was delivered by having sex with the very married pony express. The only person I care about in this mess is actually the only person who should be stressed. And I can see Ridge is changing his tune, and is going with the "Oh well, stuff happens. It is unfortunate, but Hope is just going to have to deal" mentality. It is making me mad. Real mad, and I want to start slapping people.

2. Finn is either the stupidest person on earth, or he is the most nefarious. I just can't figure which. No guy is ever going to be this on board with his new girlfriend having sex with her ex-husband two days after she professed her undying love for him. It is weird. It is unnatural. And I don't buy it. Finn was never good with Liam coming around for Kelly time, so I am expected to believe that he will be ok with Liam coming around twice as much? With watching Liam and Steffy bond over the new little Eggo? No. No. And no. Something afoul is afoot with Dr. Finnigan.

3. Vinnie messing with the paternity test is not suspenseful and makes no sense. With Bridget you could clearly understand Sheila's motives; she needed Brooke's baby to be Ridge's so she could have Eric. Plain an simple. What does Vinnie stand to gain in this? Seeing his pal happy? What about Steffy? Wasn't he crushing on her a while ago? Wouldn't it make more sense to get Liam out of her orbit? And what about Hope? Hasn't Hope suffered enough? I am just so mad that Steffy gets to mess up everyone's life, then she gets nothing but accolades for it. No repercussions what-so-ever.

4. Instead of letting Liam touch her hand, Hope should have punched his lights out. Liam needs to go away; far, far away. I cannot believe that he is still living in the cabin. How can Hope ever expect to make an educated, rational decision under these circumstances.

5. No conversation about Liam and Hope's happiness should ever include worthless POS Flo Fulton. How dare that heinous heifer deign to make any assessments about Hope's state of mind. I am beyond appalled that Liam entertains her at all, but to stand there and actually discourse with that felon is beyond the pale. How easily these Spencer boys forgive lying, cheating, manipulating, useless women like Steffy and Flo. I don't have enough hate to describe how much hate I feel.

6. Thomas's expressions as Vinnie was talking. Priceless. And just look at Thomas picking up the trail of Vinnie's actions. If he does the right thing and tells Hope? Then I am gonna be totally down for some Thope action.

7. Hope's boots!

8. Steffy looked all kinds of amazing in that pink. It did wonders for her. And she looked so much like a young Hunter Tylo today.

Totally agree Well said :cool . :tv3

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