Walk away, Liam!

BoldReason, 2/22/2021, 5:32PM(3 days ago) @soapsarefun

It doesn't matter. Liam and his actions prove that his love for both girls are equal! Always remember that it was Steffy that proposed for Liam regarding Hope that last time and put her ring on Hope's finger! Would he have done so? Or would he have been bouncing back and forth? I know the fan wars of the last ten years have been about who deserves Liam the most. Hope doesn't deserve Liam and his issues. For the first time I saw that Steffy has a good man that frankly imo she doesn't deserve. Why does Hope have to suffer with Liam when he clearly has a 'Steffy' problem! Why shouldn't Hope have a guy that is totally in to her?

Steffy didn't propose to Hope for Liam. That was just a dumb stunt on her part. Liam even gave her back that ring and proposed to Hope with his own.

And that was even the prior wedding. This last one Liam put together on his own in the cabin with Douglas and Beth, then they went to City Hall to make it official. Had zilch to do with Steffy. In fact, wasn't that when Steffy was still crying over losing Phoebe?

The point is that Liam doesn't love Hope the way he should! I will go farther, does Liam even love Hope or Steffy? This triangle is played out now. Finn is being overly supportive to his woman is Bell's way of showing Liam's deficiencies in the love department.

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