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Steffy told Finn to think about their future -- especually because they could be having a baby together. She also told him that IF the baby was his, she'd do everything she could to prove he could trust her.

But nothing was said about how it would be if Liam was the father.

I'm starting to think Finn changes the paternity test so they can have a future together. Think about it. He'd feel justified because Liam ruined his relationship and it would solidify Finn's relationship with Steffy. I really hope he doesn't, but Finn tends to want to do what will make Steffy happy.....Thoughts?

After watching him today, I think he just might be pathetic enough to change the paternity test if he finds out he isn't the father. Finn could be ruined which is sad, cuz I did like him.

I don't know if I believe Bell would let his "golden boy" lose two children is such quick succession. First Beth and now Steffy's current spawn. That would be rather harsh.

I'd agree except this isn't really a loss. I think it's what Liam wants so he can be with Hope. Which is why some others have a valid point that Thomas or Vinny might change the test from Liam to Finn.

I just wish it would be Finn's and we're done with it -- or better yet -- Steffy is wrong and her test is wrong! That's the least messy of all of it. I don't think any of them need to be saddled with diaper duty after we've had to be swimming in diapers for the last two years.

If Thomas messes with the paternity results, it sullies his "redemption" into a good guy. Doing that would spoil a Thope love story (if Bell is inclined to go in that direction).

Diapers aren't the only thing we've been swimming in for the past two years.

Girl...LOL at the bolded.

Yes, it would put a kink in the redemption, so maybe Vinny does it. In the end, Finn would wind up the father, Liam would be "redeemed" to get Hope back, and the writers would be a big red bow on a piece of crap and call it done. I like that better than them ruining Finn even more.

I think ultimately this is what will happen (in bold). I'm just not sure about the twists and turns, but Bell will drag this out.

Yeah and it's already so boring.

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