"I take it safety was not a concern that night" - too rich!

Barbybo, 1/13/2021, 3:55PM(7 days ago) @Tiqui1999- one person liked this

Yes Hope, it was a concern - to the EXACT same extent it was the night you slept with Liam and got pregnant. What a hypocrite!

I don't see the relevance. Liam left Steffy. Liam signed annulment papers the next morning. He wasn't in a marriage anymore So why does it matter what was going on with they got pregnant?

Here you have a married man, cheating with his ex when he hadn't even talked to his wife about what he was upset about. Not the same thing at all.

Liam cheated with his x , he’s ruined ...Hope knew what she was getting maybe she should tell him to keep a condom in his wallet for future spontaneous magical moments since she’s obviously going to over look his oopsies

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