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Didn't Thomas call Hope and ask her to bring Douglas over for dinner after Liam had left for Steffy's? And anyway, Hope doesn't need to get permission from Liam for every move she makes. She is Douglas's mother. She has every right to be there with him if he's having dinner with Thomas. She's not keeping it secret from Liam.

Is Thomas after Hope? Or is it mental illness? Because on the outside, and even when he is thinking clearly, Thomas seems to be moving on from his obsession with Hope. How could any one know that he's having an internal struggle, because of some mental issue?

Hope is giving him a chance because she wants him to be better, for Douglas.

Hope wasn't meant to stay. The dinner was supposed to be with Thomas and Douglas. No one is saying Hope needs permission. It is called communication. The fact that she didn't communicate it and didn't give Liam the heads up means it is secretive and disrespectful.

Thomas is not scheming and manipulating to get Hope back but there are red flags that he is struggling to move on. No one knows he is having hallucinations but there is enough evidence that he is struggling - e.g. the mannequin of Hope, lying about not knowing where the mannequin is, and praising Hope.

Hope is ignoring it because she prefers to live in a fantasy. She proved it when she complained about Liam's concerns and not everything is pleasant. Hope is just making the issue worse and what Hope is doing is not good for Douglas either.

I agree. Hope wasn't meant to stay and Thomas hadn't planned for her to do so. And Hope does prefer to live in a fantasy. She showed her real colors about wanting her fantasy life the other day when she went off on Liam and ran out of the office after exclaiming, "Why couldn't everything just stay pleasant? Everything has been fine and then you had to go over there and incite him!"

Hope is only and always about her perfect fantasy world.

Wanting to have a life that isn't chaotic is not fantasy. That's normal.

Hope either ignores problems as if they don’t exist - or she cuts and runs. There is no middle ground. Not a healthy way to support a marriage.

There is no Hope for this show :wink

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