*SPOILER* - According to TV Watercooler... (Spoilers)

churro79, 11/24/2020, 6:01AM(57 days ago) @Tiqui1999

Hope is in a hard position, and right now, Thomas hasn't done anything except take the mannequin. I feel like whatever goes on in his head is in his head, and as long as it doesn't come out, no one should police that, and he should be getting chances with his son. I don't think Liam has a right to deny Thomas of the same relationship with his child as Liam has with Kelly.

Please - Hope put herself in this position when she chased Thomas for custody of Douglas. She also put herself in this position when she is choosing to turn a blind eye to the red flags about the Thomas AGAIN. The mannequin and the lies about it are enough red flags. Thomas needs serious therapy first before being anywhere near Douglas.

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