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Hope is in a hard position, and right now, Thomas hasn't done anything except take the mannequin. I feel like whatever goes on in his head is in his head, and as long as it doesn't come out, no one should police that, and he should be getting chances with his son. I don't think Liam has a right to deny Thomas of the same relationship with his child as Liam has with Kelly.

That's the thing. None of the mannequin obsession stuff is on the outside. Today he had that little outburst, but he explained it away. I guess Hope is supposed to have ESPN or something.

I agree. A step further, I feel that people have dark thoughts in their minds, but then they dismiss them. Some people are obesessed with people, but they control it. Some people even get blowup sex dolls that look like celebrities! So, this is the fine line I'm seeing here as long as whatever Thomas thinks stays in his head.

For example, if a rapist goes to work and looks at his coworker EVERYDAY and thinks about raping her -- but he doesn't do it -- what is anybody supposed to do about that? They can't do anything because they don't know. Hope I'm making sense.

You are right. He did slip up today. He might get caught doing something soon, but I'm thinking it's because he's mentally ill right now. I think, so far, that he really wants to fight this and be over Hope. Something's just wrong with him.

Yeah, and I'm sure this is all part of Bell's plan of redeeming Thomas. I don't think I can ever forget all the horrible things he did though, when there was no mental illness to explain it away. But as far as this current story goes, Thomas isn't showing any outward signs that he's still obsessed with Hope. All Liam has to go on is Thomas's past behavior, and to be fair, I don't blame him for not trusting that he has changed. It's pretty complex, this situation they're in.

Yeah, but there's a difference in being leery and being unwilling. I started a thread to discuss it a few moments ago. Liam is just unwilling, and that's no good for Douglas. He knew this was going to happen as long as he helped raise Douglas.

He does seem unwilling to even consider that Thomas is working on himself. But there is a lot of history there and Liam and his family were the victim of a lot of it so I can see where he's coming from. And finding the mannequin in Thomas's apartment made his radar go off even more. He does need to allow Thomas and Douglas to have a relationship, though, for sure.

"I love you more than anything or anyone in the world. And I want you by my side for the rest of my life."

Liam to Hope. Debate over.

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