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hopeyougogirl, 11/23/2020, 12:40AM(58 days ago) @Drangonfly

...when Liam walks in on Hope and Thomas, he misunderstands the situation. So, I think he is going to see Thomas kissing the doll and will think he's kissing Hope. I guess he could see Thomas and the doll in bed but...would Bell take it that far? :oh

"Liam misunderstanding a situation between Thomas and the Hope Mannequin could leave devastating consequences for him and Hope)."

Whatever Liam thinks he sees, there is absolutely ZERO excuse not to bust in and confront the situation.

Sure. But there isn't much drama in that, is there?

Still needs to make sense. He's so worried about Hope being with there with Thomas. Yet doesn't go in. I guess he really must think she's cheating. Some marriage. :lol

Meh. Couples need angst. Look what happens to all the happy couples. What's happened to Sinn?

Looks to me, Bell has moved on from boring Sinn..he's mostly focused on his new couple Tholl and the Liam/Thomas rivalry, plus the quad of Zende/Paris/Carter/Zoe now.

It seems that way. Maybe Sinn will be featured more later. Anyway, I'd rather see Lope have angst than be on the back burner. And even if they do break up, it's always great watching Liam fight for Hope.

No doubt in my mind that Liam will fight for Hope....especially if he finds out it was Tholl kissing, not real Hope lol.

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