*SPOILER* - According to TV Watercooler... (Spoilers)

churro79, 11/22/2020, 8:39PM(58 days ago) @Drangonfly

Thomas wanted to bring the doll back to FC. Dimwit Hope is the one who told him to keep it, and she insisted. She didn't blink when Liam warned her about the doll. If he mistakes her with the doll, that's just a direct consequence of her actions. She will deserve everything she gets. I have zero sympathy for that obnoxious twit.

The only reason she told Thomas to keep the doll was because Thomas claimed that the doll gives him inspiration to work on his designs. And there's no way Hope or anyone else would have thought that Thomas would kiss a doll lol. Nobody on the show knows that Thomas has mental illness and hit his head twice now..none of them knows.

If Hope kept Thomas from seeing Douglas, refused to work with him, or didn't give him any credit for working on himself, even though he appears to be, she would be called heartless. The only thing she's guilty of is being too nice, which has always been the case where the Forrester kids are concerned. Even after all the horrible things they did to her, she's still nice to them. :neutral

Hope is working with Thomas because his designs benefit her line. Nothing to do with being nice. It's a business decision.

As for letting him see Douglas, Hope shouldn't even be controlling on when Thomas gets to see Douglas in the first place. She got that role through manipulations.

As for Steffy, she is 'nice' to her because she has Liam. I saw her true nasty colours when Steffy was with Liam.

She is not nice to Liam either. She disrespects him every time she spends time with Thomas outside of working hours.

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