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q, 11/21/2020, 7:03PM(14 days ago) @Barbybo

:puke All these Steffy and Liam scenes ..beach partys ..chatting it up...what’s with this? Everyday we see them together ..liam needs to go to work .......some job he has ...

I am enjoying them and I hope it continues. They are Kelly's parents,and Kelly wanted both her parents at the party, they ust fulfilled her wishes. SC and JMW are Emmy winners and the show's lead characters, I am glad they're still allowed to have scenes together even if they aren't a couple.
Please explain why Liam should be the only character who goes to work? 90% of the characters are never in their office. The other 10% who are in their office aren't working. They're always gossipping and discussing things that aren't related to FC.

Liam bounces from house to offices whiney I don’t think he ever works he gets free rent guess he don’t have to..liams like a gossip queen ..

Wyatt gets free rent, Flo doesn't work and gets free rent, Shauna doesn't work and gets free rent, Quinn gets free rent, Thomas gets free rent.

Yup all the same loosers but I think Tom rents that dive

Maybe but did you ever wonder where Zoe was living because she was living there with Vinnie.

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