Here’s an idea..could Carter and Hope become a thing? (Spoilers)

hopeyougogirl, 11/21/2020, 6:08PM(8 days ago) @BabyKelly

Labeling spoiler because of the strongly suspected rumor/possible spoiler that Liam will leave Hope for Steffy after having an affair with Steffy and making another baby so they can write in JMW’s pregnancy.

So, we know that Zoe doesn’t love Carter and loves Zende.

Liam doesn’t love Hope and loves Steffy.

Both Hope and Carter will be betrayed and lose their lover.

So, could Hope and Carter connect over this?

She did say he’s hot.

And I think Paris is too young for Carter, though she would seem to be the default.

I would love to see Carter help Hope get full custody of Beth and preferably adopt Beth and no visitation for Liam (though I don’t think Liam would want it, believe me, not saying that he would).

Harter would be awesome and give LSV the front burner story he needs to be the leading man (because it’s sick to see Carter play a fool for Zoe).

How about Hope and Reese? If she can forgive Thomas and side with him against her husband so easily, forgiving Reese shouldn't be too hard. At least he showed sincere remorses for his actions and did what he did to save his daughter's life. Thomas didn't show an ounce of remorses, kept quiet for his own selfish reasons and continued to aggravate his case. I thought Hope and Reese had chemistry in Catalina when she was delivering. It could be a sweet little story. I wonder how her cousin Flo would feel about that. If you are looking for a man for Hope, I think he is the perfect candidate.

Nah....Reese is already taken by Taylor. :lol She’s smitten by him.

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