Finn and Thomas! Spoiler included (Spoilers)

naintednancy, 11/21/2020, 6:06PM(96 days ago) @ClemaxDna

Finn visits Thomas on the 25th and tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Will he figure out that Thomas was with mannequin Hope and not the real Hope? There’s a reason why Finn is involved in this.

Let's just hope he doesn't go and report his findings to Liam and Steffy and find THEM in a compromising position. :gasp

Why not? If something happens between Liam and Steffy, I hope they go all the way, and Finn or Hope walks in on them right in the middle. :-D Tired of the emotional affair ala Ridge/Caroline and Ridge/Quinn or the one-night-stands that are kept secrets for months (Steffy/Bill). Or people catching 2 characters in bed but jumping to the wrong conclusions (Liam with Steffy/Wyatt, Katie with Brooke/Bill) It isn't dramatic enough.

When is the last time something so dramatic happened? Donna walked in on her boyfriend Mark bedding another woman, but that was so long ago. More recently, Phoebe walked in on Taylor and Rick in he middle of a romp but Rick and Phoebe were already broken up,... not dramatic enough. Same for when Nicole caught Zende and Sasha on the plane... Nicole and Zende were already separated. This time, both Liam and Steffy are in a relationship, and if they go all the way I want one of their partners to catch them red-handed. Even better, an ongoing affair ala Brooke and Deacon. Now that was something. :love

Bill's private detective walked in on Ridge and Alex having sex a week before his wedding to Caroline.

Macy caught her husband Thorne in bed with Darla, but can't recall if they were having sex or just drunk rolling on a bed. Thorne sure had an ONS with Darla during his last marriage to Macy, but I don't remember if it was the same scene.

Phoebe finding Rick and Taylor in action was quite unforgettable. The poor virgin was never the same after this.

Quinn caught Wyatt and Katie in bed and literally dragged her out of the bed. Very violent but comic scene at the same time.

Didn't Brooke catch Ridge in bed with Taylor when TRIDGE had the drunken night in 2009? I know Ridge was with Brooke, took pills and slept with Taylor but can't recall if Brooke caught them or if he confided in her.

In 1997 we had even better. The minister who was officiating Stephanie and Eric's wedding opened his Bible and found a picture of Eric in bed with Lauren. Stephanie ditched him at the altar. Unforgettable too. :lol

A lot of examples of characters caught in compromising positions, as you point out (in bed but just sleeping without sex, or rolling on a sofa or a bed but no sex, etc..)

This is definitely more dramatic when the cheaters get caught directly during the love scene. Even better when they get caught by the husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend. :-P

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