Here’s an idea..could Carter and Hope become a thing? (Spoilers)

Lope2.0, 11/21/2020, 5:13PM(7 days ago) @Ilovebizzie

Problem is, the two guys she has fighting over her are both worthless pieces of crap. As a Hope fan, I want someone awesome for her and Thomas and Liam aren’t that.

Then stop watching for good and don't bother to comment here if that's your wish. You are not gonna get it. At least not in the upcoming months. Bell has 2 leading men who have the most screentime fighting over her, I think she is in a good place. She isn't getting a third man, it would be too much. She could be alone with zero love interest, like Katie, Donna, Shauna. I don't want her with Thomas, but he provides good drama for Lope. Carter is nice, but he gets with Hope and Zoe and Maya chase him, nobody knows he would react. Perfect men don't exist on soaps, even if she finds someone else he will have baggage too. am enjoying the show (though I could do without the doll storyline)

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