Liam and Wyatt spoiler for November! (Spoilers)

Barbybo, 11/21/2020, 4:51PM(11 days ago) @Lope2.0

lope solid? :lol
they're always on a house of cards

They've been together (practically) non-stop since after Kelly's birth, and Kelly is 4yo. Only 2 short-lived, temporary separations that were based on lies and manipulations (the Beth lie and Thomas/Steffy's heartless conspiracy last spring) And both times Lope were separated, he was sleeping in Steffy's guest house, nothing happened outside of the drugged night.
4 consecutive years together and nearly always front and center. That can't be said about anybody else. So yeah, I find them pretty solid at this point. If there is another breakup, it'll be temporary. As usual

Pretty pathetic that would be three breakup in four years that’s insane couples don’t do that ..not normal people ...they are morons....and not good for Beth and Douglas to see all this waco breakups...keep going at this pace they will need psychatrists

The last breakup wasnlt even a breakup. They never officially ended things. Hope was upset about the kiss until she found out it was a conspiracy between Thomas and Steffy. Liam stayed in the guest room and never considered they were broken up. He told Steffy he and Hope were going to work things out. And Hope told Thomas that she didn't want to lose Liam, so neither one considered they were broken up.
We don't know if they will break up next week. It could be another temporary separation, where Liam moves in with Wyatt and they co-parent for a bit, until they find their way back to each other. No spoiler about Hope or Liam ending this marriage and moving on with someone else.
So, officially, that only makes one breakup in 4 years. And they would not have broken up if Flo or Thomas told them that Beth was alive.
Couples don't do what? It isn't real life. No one lives happily ever after on a soap. I never expect anybody to last forever, unless the couple leaves town and never returns (like Dayzee and Marcus)

Liam walked out cause of Doug ..he warned Hope she didn’t listen..they are morons couples walk out this easily so often it’s stupid

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