Here’s an idea..could Carter and Hope become a thing? (Spoilers)

Ozboldfan, 11/21/2020, 4:51PM(5 days ago) @Lope2.0

Labeling spoiler because of the strongly suspected rumor/possible spoiler that Liam will leave Hope for Steffy after having an affair with Steffy and making another baby so they can write in JMW’s pregnancy.

So, we know that Zoe doesn’t love Carter and loves Zende.

Liam doesn’t love Hope and loves Steffy.

Both Hope and Carter will be betrayed and lose their lover.

So, could Hope and Carter connect over this?

She did say he’s hot.

And I think Paris is too young for Carter, though she would seem to be the default.

I would love to see Carter help Hope get full custody of Beth and preferably adopt Beth and no visitation for Liam (though I don’t think Liam would want it, believe me, not saying that he would).

Harter would be awesome and give LSV the front burner story he needs to be the leading man (because it’s sick to see Carter play a fool for Zoe).

Carter just started a new quad with 3 new characters. The story just began and will last for a good while. I don't even remember him having a scene alone with Hope, at this point.
Maybe down the road.. why not. But I doubt it. I don't know why Hope should be desperate to have so many men after her. She already has 2 fighting over her and the trio Bell is promotting is Liam vs Thomas, both guys are his main leading men and she has a child with both. I don't think she needs a third one.

The idea would be for Liam to grow up and face his problems instead of trying to have comfort sex to feed his ego.

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