Finn and Thomas! Spoiler included (Spoilers)

beachboy※, 11/21/2020, 4:02PM(96 days ago) @Ilovebizzie

Nah. am not a big Steffy fan but I think she is more likely to have successful relationships than Hope. When Hope learnt her marriage to Wyatt was based on a lie, she planned to annul it right away. She didn't even want to give it a try and would have ditched him if not for her pregnancy. When Steffy learnt her marriage to Wyatt was based on crimes, she got her finger tattooed and stayed married to him for 6 months. It didn't work later because of Quinn, but at least she tried. Hope didn't even try. Steffy is also trying now. She stayed single for years and she is trying to move on now. Whether she succeeds or not, she is trying. Hope has never even tried. She stalked him during his 3 marriages to Steffy and never met someone else when Liam was with Steffy.

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