Finn and Thomas! Spoiler included (Spoilers)

kizilay, 11/21/2020, 2:25PM(58 days ago) @Ilovebizzie

Anything is a better option than Thomas because he’s nowhere near good enough for Hope in every single way, but, that doesn’t make Liam good enough for her either.

Since Steffy doesn’t want Finn, my hope is that when all this is resolved, Finn and Hope talk and share their experiences of being abused by Leffy and will fall for each other.

And Steffy won’t have any right to claim Hope “stole” Finn from her because she is the one casting him off! :-D

Let Finn bond with Beth too and adopt her. Liam doesn’t give a darn about that child and doesn’t deserve her.

And he and Steffy can be backburnered in happy land. Works for me.

Liam is THE reason why Hope got Beth back. If it weren't for him, Thomas would have taken her in his helicopter and it would have been bye bye Beth and bye bye Hope, maybe forever. And if he hadn't investigated until he found out Flo never had a baby, she would never have confessed. But he doesn't give a darn about her? Didn't Hope leave Thomas alone at the cabin with Beth a couple if times? Isn't she allowing him back in her life any way she can? Thomas kept Beth from Hope and she is defending every moves he makes now. If anyone doesn't give a darn about Beth, it's her.
Using your logic about Steffy and Finn, the same could be said about Hope and Finn. Liam has been abused by Hope for years but he is still with her, doing anything he can to save her from Thomas. Wyatt and Oliver were all abused by Hope because she couldn't get over Liam. If Hope hooks up with Finn, it will be the same. Finn was brought for Steffy and Thomas was brought for Hope. If she ends up with someone other than Liam in the foreseeable future, it will be Thomas. Her lover during her last marriage to Liam. The guy she married and shares a child with. He is her only other option.

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