Liam and Wyatt spoiler for November! (Spoilers)

cranberryboy, 11/21/2020, 9:48AM(8 days ago) @Freya

Wyatt will have to be there for his brother. Liam is going to go through some difficult times coming up and Wyatt will be front & center.

We now know that Liam will be devastated by whatever he sees with Thomas and Hope or mannequin Hope. I assume Liam will leave Hope over it and move in with Wyatt which might be awkward since Flo lives there too.

Interesting... Liam moving in the beach house could bring some interesting dynamics. Quinn is also living there and Eric doesn't intend to forgive her anytime soon.

If Liam thinks Hope cheated on him with one of the people who knew the truth about Beth and didn't tell, he might want to level the playing field by doing the same thing with another person who didn't tell about Beth (Flo) Given how Bell has written Wyatt, Liam and the women, it wouldn't surprise me if Flo feels bad for him and connects with him while they spend time together. Flo falling for Liam is probably the one thing that would break up Flo and Wyatt. He went ballistic when Sally called out his brother's name. Problems for Flo and Wyatt could also reopen the door for Wyatt and Katie (who is the only viable love interest for him, at this point) and maybe a Flo-Wyatt-Katie triangle or Bill/Katie/Wyatt. I doubt it will happen but at some point, Flatt will split and I think something bewteen Liam and Flo would be the easiest and quickest way to stick a fork in this relationship. If he thinks she is falling for his brother (whether it's true or not) he will be done with her at the speed of light.

If he thinks Hope cheated on him with a psychopath who hurt him, I guess he could also react by cheating on her with another psychopath who hurt Hope deeply in the past... Quinn. If her feelings for him were genuine before she got with Eric, she could be sorry for what he is going through. There was a lot of hype about this pairing in 2016 and SC has been very vocal in many interviews that Quiam was his favorite storyline in 10 years.

I think Lope will always be endgame in the end but the 2 characters should be headed to a new direction for a while. There are a lot of rumors about a Leffy ons they keep secret from Hope and Finn, but I hope this isn't it. Steffy/Finn should be left alone until after JMW returns from her maternity leave.
Liam breaks up with Hope and moves in with Wyatt. Hope bonds more with Thomas and Douglas while Liam is gone. She finds out he was ill all along and develops feelings for him but she still dorsn't know why Liam broke up with her. Meanwhile Liam sees Hope and Thomas getting closer and it confirms his first sentiment. He bonds with either Flo or Quinn and it creates new conflicts between Liam, Wyatt, Flo and Quinn. It also revisits Liam and Wyatt's rivalry. I like this scenario better. In the end it will go back to Hope/Liam/Steffy but I'm hoping for something different for both Liam and Hope.

I had thought about a Quinn and Liam hook up. A drunk night. Liam gets drunk over Hope and Thomas and Quinn think she has lost Eric gets drunk. They sleep together. That would send shock waves through LA. :lol I doubt it happens but it would be shocking if it did. :-D

This from November Sweeps. I doubt anything is happening with Liam and Flo lol. Brad said that Flatt have found a lasting love that will lead to marriage and commitment. As for Quinn, she's caught up in the Eric and Shauna mess and has had no scenes with Liam. If something was to happen, they would have scenes together. Who's Liam having scenes with? Steffy. He breaks down to Steffy right after he sees Thope.

Another thing Brad said was that there would be Steffy and Hope drama which would put Ridge and Brooke on different sides supporting their daughters. Something is happening and it involves Steam/Lope. I know people don't want to hear it but it is what it is. Wyatt will be there for Liam like he was in 2019. Just listening to Liam and yes, maybe Liam will move in but there won't be anything between Liam and Flo. There won't be a rivalry with Wyatt because Liam already has that with Thomas and Finn.

It's very easy to predict stuff on this show.

I really don't want Flatt broken up and a big fat NO to Liam and Quinn. :puke

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