*SPOILER* - According to TV Watercooler... (Spoilers)

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To complete Bold_team's post, I am not too familiar with Tvwatercooler like I'm with SOD or HH, but if this is like former Highlighthollywood, then the parts without a date aren't legit spoilers. They are more speculations based on the spoilers.They also love using question-spoilers (like last week "will Eric forgive Quinn?") These are often right, but not always.


The main spoiler for the week after next (Novvember 30) is "a shocking betrayal causes unthikable consequences". With Liam being in disblief and shattered + Steffy comforting him on Wednesday (before the 2 pre-empted episodes) I don't see who else it can be (other than Leffy, I mean) It could also be Shauna betraying Quinn and making a play for Eric, but given what's happening next week, they have set the stage for an eventful week of Hope-Liam-Thomas-Steffy-Finn drama, for the week after next. I doubt Shauna and Quinn will even be on.
My guess is Wednesday (Nov.25) episode ends with Steffy comforting Liam (maybe a hug or a kiss) This will be the cliffhanger and We will have to wonder if it leads to a one-night-stand until Monday 30. Maybe it will be like in Italy and we won't even know if something happened or not, or they will just wake up in bed together and instantly regret it. (That's not really what I wish, but given the spoilers it sounds more and more likely)

From all the spoilers out there and the fact that the mannequin is wearing the dress Hope was wearing the last time Liam saw her, would you agree that it looks like it will be a misunderstanding? That he'll walk in on Thomas and the doll? Seems that way to me. I don't see Hope cheating on Liam with Thomas.

Hope already cheated on Liam with Thomas last year. She never told Liam about her kisses with Thomas or that Thomas proposed while she was still married to Liam. Yet, Hope made a beeline for Liam's hotel room to tell Liam that Bill had proposed to Steffy.

In fact, Hope is already having an emotional affair with Thomas. Taking his side over her own husband. Defending him vigorously to a frustrated Liam. That's probably why it won't be a stretch for Liam to believe that the mannequin is Hope and that Hope has betrayed him.

Hope didn't go and have an affair with Thomas. He preyed on her grief at the lowest point in her life and used his son as a pawn in a calculated effort to get her to marry him. She didn't even sleep with him while they were married.

Hope works with Thomas and co-parents with him. That doesn't equate to an emotional affair. Is Steffy having an emotional affair with Liam? Because she certainly hasn't done anything to put Finn's concerns about Liam to rest.

"I love you more than anything or anyone in the world. And I want you by my side for the rest of my life."

"You're the love of my life."

Liam to Hope. Debate over.

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