Would you accept Pierson Fode back as another character?

Brenda fan, 11/20/2020, 11:47PM(8 days ago) @Torval

Pierson was asked on his Twitter a few weeks ago, would he ever want to return to Bold, as someone else? He said that he would never rule it out, and he is still friends with everyone on the show. PF gave praise to Matt as Thomas, and thinks it's better to be a villain over a goody two shoes. Maybe it's just me but I find it hard to picture him, as someone else. Yes he wasn't on the show but two years, but he was impactful as Ridge son and rival.

I definitely don't want him with Steffy, because I would be thinking she is kissing her brother! It would been cute to see him back with Sally, they had amazing chemistry. I guess he could be a ex boyfriend/husband, of Flo's that she NEVER mentioned to her "soulmate" Wyatt. Or maybe a lover of Hopes that she had in Milan. Maybe a boy toy for Quinn or Katie.

So, would you accept PF as a new person?

I'm not against the idea, but I don't think that's possible. Maybe if he only played a guest role and appeared in a few episodes,... but he played a legacy character for 3 years. And it's still recent (he left in April 2018) It would be terribly confusing now that there is a new Thomas. Imagine PF and MA in the same room together? It just wouldn't work.

Yeah that's true. It's happened before on other soaps, where someone had a big part on a show left, they recasted and the actor returned as a new character but it's usually many years later. Not just 2-3 season's. It be funny to have both Thomas's in a story together, however I don't see it happening because as you said a lot of viewers would be confused especially if he was in the Liam/Hope/Thomas/Steffy plot.

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