Liam and Hope

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Anyone other than me wonder why Bell had Hope repeating what a catch Finn is and how he is easy on the eyes and around the same time Liam is telling Steffy how accomplished and Hot she is?

And Thomas trying to get across to her that he is also a good catch and easy on the eyes but she paid no attention to his humor.

Po Thomas..he sure was trying hard, but it ain't working with a married Hope. :rofl

Oh we will just see about that.

She ain't interested. He's still obsessed. Bell likes to tease..Thope won't amount to anything lol..just Shidge amount to nothing.

I don't know about that. She looks pretty interested to me with all of her "side eyeing". Of course Hope's sneaky like that. but I hope you're right. Thomas may have his problems but he certainly doesn't deserve that trick.

No, she ain't interested..he tried to flirt with her saying he's "handsome" too (like Finn) and look at "these dimples", and it was CRICKETS..not a word from Hope. The funniest scene I've seen in a long time lol.

Doesn't mean a thing with Hope. Like I said she's sneaky. She's loving her some Thomas. Before you know it they will be on the dirty cabin floor just like her and Liam. Did Thomas give her a ring before? Can't remember. But if he did she'll get up off the floor and run to the big house to retrieve it!:rofl

Only in Thomas' deranged fantasy would he get some sexy action from Hope. :rofl

The only issue seems to be that in Thomas deranged fantasy he still might believe he might get some, regardless of the past

- doesn't matter that she has rejected his ring 8 years ago
- doesn't matter that we had Hope reacting shocked that he had still kept it and we had a married Hope reminding Thomas that she is married
- doesn't matter that Hope never wanted Thomas and he knows that and used his son to finally get Hope to agree to that marriage proposal
- doesn't matter that Hope before the wedding had told Thomas again that she wonders if their marriage is a mistake and that she isn't and might not ever be ready to have sex with him
- doesn't matter that she pushed him over a railing and into a container of acid when he tried to kiss her
- doesn't matter that she wanted him to sign the adoption papers, so that she could go after full custody if he ever goes crazy again (even admitted that to Ridge)

we have seen on screen Hope clearly rejecting Thomas, and in his fantasy we had "fantasy Hope" doing exactly the opposite and had that creation of Thomas' mind telling Thomas exactly what he had wanted to hear from the real Hope, but never had heard from her.

I am still not sure if Thomas now is really "cured", or if we will again have Thomas creating his own reality in his head.

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