Liam and Hope

viennagirl @, 10/18/2020, 7:32AM(45 days ago) @viennagirl

Anyone other than me wonder why Bell had Hope repeating what a catch Finn is and how he is easy on the eyes and around the same time Liam is telling Steffy how accomplished and Hot she is?

And Thomas trying to get across to her that he is also a good catch and easy on the eyes but she paid no attention to his humor.

Po Thomas..he sure was trying hard, but it ain't working with a married Hope. :rofl

Oh we will just see about that.

She ain't interested. He's still obsessed. Bell likes to tease..Thope won't amount to anything lol..just Shidge amount to nothing.

I don't know about that. She looks pretty interested to me with all of her "side eyeing". Of course Hope's sneaky like that. but I hope you're right. Thomas may have his problems but he certainly doesn't deserve that trick.

I don't see that romantic interest at all.

I always wonder how a man can mistake being pushed over a railing, being slapped, being rejected again and again, and now the work relationship being cut off ,as someone showing an "interest" in him.

But I don't think that Thomas ever really read Hope's feelings about him wrong, or he wouldn't have used his son to manipulate Hope into a relationship instead of trying to win her on his own.

How wrong can you read a situation in which your bride-to-be does not want to sleep with you and tells you before the wedding that she might never be ready,
and when she then choses the living room couch on your wedding night, when that wife still tries to stall the sex and wants to be with your son but not really that much with you?

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