Liam and Hope

Barbybo, 10/18/2020, 6:34AM(45 days ago) @Lea

Anyone other than me wonder why Bell had Hope repeating what a catch Finn is and how he is easy on the eyes and around the same time Liam is telling Steffy how accomplished and Hot she is?

Hope going after Finn would be so degrading for her character. She would sink even lower than Steffy, at this point. Same if the ends up with Thomas.

I think Finn will be paired with other women, but hopefully Bell won't go there. Maybe Flo or Katie. One of them might have medical problems due to the kidney transplant and might need a doctor.

Hopes character ? She married Wyatt and Tom on a whim ..she left a guy in a vat, she got knocked up by her sisters husband with a baby on tap...she puts on airs she’s no angel...she’s just hypocritical nut job who lives with her mommy....again she’s asking liam to break with Steffy what a way too live ...allways worried your husband still has feelings for a x ..sad sack

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