Who’s a better match for Steffy?

Ilovebizzie, 10/17/2020, 11:16PM(12 days ago) @PatriotGirl

Well no to Lope, but I can understand why you would never want Steam again after seeing her with Finn. I would find it totally unrealistic for Steffy to still be hung up on Liam now she has this nice, fine hunk of man.

If Hope were to get a guy as hot as Finn, I’d be Liam Who? I already am!

And I don’t care if the show makes Finn some bad boy down deep to make Liam look better, because it won’t work. No matter how much they try to drill it into me, Liam is NOT a nice, good man. He’s a player, insensitive and selfish and self righteous and no amount of trashing other men will take that stink off Liam.

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