Is Australia getting longer episodes?

rocketgirl, 10/17/2020, 10:51PM(12 days ago) @Lea

Ever since the return of the soap in July, CBS and Youtube have stopped uploading the bonus scenes. But on the australian site the episodes are still 22 minutes long. (against 19 minutes on Are other countries still airing these bonus clips or have the writers decided to stop filming them? If there are australian viewers here, could you compare the 2 versions and see if the 10play version is longer?

I have another question. Is there still a way to download the SAP episodes? CBS stopped uploading them around May 2019, when Xander/ZoƩ learn the truth about Beth. Do you know if they stopped dubbing the episodes in Spanish or not? Thank you.

Isn't Australia a few months behind, with the episodes?

On CBS the bonus clips are never included and I don't bother to watch them on Youtube. Maybe with all the social distancing rules, they decided to make shorter episodes and stop making bonus scenes

No Australia is only a few days behind on episodes aired on TV and not behind at all on the channel 10 website episodes (10play). They are still making extra scenes and including them in the Australian episodes but not making them available on the CBS website for whatever reason. This last weeks episodes I have no idea which scenes they could possibly cut for the US episodes... hopefully they were all Zoe/Carter ones.

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