Liam and Hope

candycpw, 10/17/2020, 8:32PM(13 days ago) @l.c

Liam is done with Steffy. That was the whole point of the staged kiss storyline. Her little conspiracy with Thomas backfired on her. Has Steffy accepted it? IDK. She just blamed Liam for choosing Hope over her, admitted she wanted a future with him and accused Hope of stealing him from her. Looks to me, she would not give Finn a second glance if Liam changed his mind and decided to fight for Steffy.
There is no way to know if Finn wouldn't give Hope a second glance because Hope isn't an option for him. I am hoping the writers never go there, frankly. Steffy got Hope's leftlovers 3 times in a row with Oliver Liam and then Wyatt. I don't want Hope to get Steffy's leftlovers.

You crack me up!:rofl

"- and now, she's like my ride or die. She's my B&B queen."

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