Liam and Hope

kizilay, 10/17/2020, 5:03PM(14 days ago) @Crzyideas

Anyone other than me wonder why Bell had Hope repeating what a catch Finn is and how he is easy on the eyes and around the same time Liam is telling Steffy how accomplished and Hot she is?

For Finn, I have the feeling they are simply setting Liam up to be right about him (and Hope and Steffy wrong) just like with Thomas. While both women were sure Thomas had changed, Liam and Brooke were convinced of the opposite. Hope telling Liam that Finn is a good catch for Steffy and will take good care of her isn't a setup for Hope and Finn, but it could be foreshadowing that Hope will turn out wrong about him and Finn will hurt Steffy. It won't surprise me if in the end, both Hope and Steffy apologize to Liam for not taking his concerns seriously. (It is just my feeling, maybe Finn will remain squeaky-clean and it will be Liam apologizing to him in the end)
For Steffy, I wouldn't read too much into this. It isn't different that when he tells her he will always love her. It only shows that Liam still has a high opinion of her even if they aren't together. He doesn't blame her for the addiction and he understands why any guy would be attracted to her.

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