Who’s a better match for Steffy?

q, 10/17/2020, 4:54PM(12 days ago) @msbmorrow

I vote Finn ...liams too geezer for me

Right now because who knows much about Finn and Liam is married.

  • Finn is better suited because he's there for Steffy and he doesn't have a divided heart nor is he married, that we know of.
  • Finn physically IMO is more Steffy's taste, tall dark handsome, deep voice. Loving the deep voice. Yes, model type
  • Finn is wealthy and dedicated to his established career in medicine an everyday hero saving lives. He has a career worth admiring rather than working for yo daddy.
  • Finn seems to adore and respect Steffy and only Steffy right now.
  • Finn is funny. I'd like to see how fun he can be but with COVID19 that may be a bit of a challenge.
  • Finn says all the right things a woman like Steffy would want to hear. Example: Keeping a smile on her face. Making her feel she's a strong woman regardless of seeing her at rock bottom with opiods.
  • He never made her doubt herself or her decisions and he let's her decide and be in control of where their relationship goes and doesn't lead her on unlike Liam has in the past. He tells her upfront where he stands unlike Liam.

How do you know he's wealthy? Doctors start out owing a lot of money to school.

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