Who’s a better match for Steffy?

Torval, 10/17/2020, 3:41PM(14 days ago) @Barbybo

I vote Finn ...liams too geezer for me

Depends which characters and couples you support.

If you support Lope (like me) and never liked Leffy, I prefer Steffy to be with any other guy, whether it's Finn or someone else. (I won't speak for the everyone, but I think there is a lot of agenda-shipping and a lot of Lope fans just want Steffy with Finn so she won't be a threat to Lope... this is my case. I want Steffy with Finn but less because I like them togeher and more because I want her to leave Lope alone)

If I supported Steffy, I would have voted for Liam 2 years ago, after they had Kelly or before the Still ONS. Now I would clearly prefer her with Finn, because the narrative is that Liam doesn't want her romantically, he only sees her as a friend and the mother of his child. But the narrative changes quickly and maybe at this time next year, Steffy will be deliriously happy with Liam and Finn will be madly in love with Flo. Bell can change the direction of the stories with the stroke ofa pen.

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