Would Hope be better with a new guy?

BabyKelly, 10/17/2020, 2:21PM(13 days ago) @Barbybo

Who loves only her, no baggage?

On one hand, I wouldn't complain if it happened. Liam deserves a lot better than her and I would love him to be free from her. On the other hand, What would be the point? Wyatt and Oliver only loved her and weren't murderous psychopaths like Thomas. We know how she treated them. Liam was the perfect husband to Hope in 2018/2019. He stayed with her and remained loyal to her even after she "lost" Beth. What did he get in return? Hope kissed Thomas, served him with annulment papers, married Thomas and adopted Thomas' son. If she could be so heartless and selfish with the supposed love of her life who was entirely devoted to her, she will treat anyone the same way.

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