Tanner Novlan on what's coming up for Finn

Barbybo, 10/17/2020, 9:52AM(12 days ago) @Steffyfanatic

In this week's insta chat Tanner said he was ''was surprised at some of what is coming up."
On Finn's past:
“I think everyone in this world might have a dark side that we get to explore. We’re still getting to know Finn, and he definitely loves Steffy.”

On the Steam photo:
Maybe Finn will throw it in the fireplace!

I’m glad we’ll get to know more about Finn. He said something early on in his conversations with Steffy that made me wonder if something bad happened to him in the past.

I Hope bell don’t ruin this guy we really need Finn tom Zende the rest are same old storyline rewinds..

Finn will eventually fall to bad writing like every other guy on this show. I just don’t think it’ll be this early on.

Darn that poison pen:drunk

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