Tanner Novlan on what's coming up for Finn

rain4 @, 10/17/2020, 9:28AM(13 days ago) @Ozboldfan

Hope just had to put up with an unhinged psychopath who stalked her and harassed her for months, tried to separate her from her baby girl forever, drugged and assaulted the father of her child, killed her best friend and emotionally abused her and her son.

If Finn turns into a dark character and ends up assaulting Steffy, stealing her daughter, killing members of her family and ruining her life, it will just be the writers levelling the playing field as far as I'm concerned.

Even better, Steffy falls madly in love with Finn and he just forgets all about her and falls for another woman, like Wyatt did with Sally and Flo. It would be karma for all the times Steffy tried to come between Liam and Hope, Liam and Ivy, Brooke and Ridge, Bill and Katie, Jackie and Owen, Thomas and Sally and so on. He doesn't have to be crazy... only leaving Steffy for another gal would be much deserved karma.

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