Tanner Novlan on what's coming up for Finn

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Whether Liam is right or wrong about Finn, he has a right to his opinion, like everyone. As long as he doesn't turn into a manipulator who locks Finn in a gondola or tries to ruin his career, I don't mind him giving his opinion. As the mother of his child who just abused pills and put his daughter's life in danger, Steffy should at least consider his concerns and respect his opinion. If she still wants to date Finn, fine... Liam can't decide for her. And he won't.

He is not wrong when he says a doctor having feelings for his patient is unethical and he is not wrong when he says Finn overstepped with Kelly. He had no right to go behind his back and tell Amelia to bring Kelly home. No lies detected here. In long-term he may or may not turn out wrong about the rest but again, he is entitled to his opinion.

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