Poor Carter

Tiqui1999 @, 10/16/2020, 9:33PM(14 days ago) @LadyMac

Zoe is not interested in you.

Poor darling looked pathetic. He was practically begging. He doesn't know how lucky he is that she turned him down.

I like Carter, but can’t stand Zoe. IMO, she’s a gold digger wanting a rich Forrester (related) man. She wanted Thomas but that didn’t work out. Now that Zende is back, she’s kinda got her eye on him now.:roll

I feel the same way about her wanting a rich Forrester.

And if she's not that into Carter and wants a chance to date Zende, the right thing to do is not lead Carter on. And certainly not have sex with him. But this is a soap and characters often don't do the right thing.

Yeah, I don't like how she told Carter to slow down but went right to work and flew up in Zende's face, smiling and flirting. She needs to make up her mind. Carter wants her to move in, and she shouldn't be playing around when she knows he wants something serious.

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