Just Who's call who? LOL

Tiqui1999 @, 9/16/2020, 4:07PM(44 days ago) @msbmorrow

Liam was all, Did you call Steffy or did Steffy call you?

:lol :rofl :cry

"She called me. We made plans."

Something tells me Finn will be a force in Steffy's life and Liam ain't gonna like it. :-P

As Lady Gaga would say, "I love it!"

I am really gonna love Liam learning that he is not the man in steffy's life.

Yeah! Did you call Steffy or did Steffy call you was a bit intrusive. Why and what difference does it make?
Liam said today that if the good doctor is interested in Steffy he doesn't care. He just wants her to be happy. Then what's with the personal questions? The doctor said Steffy needs Kelly to heal. Get Kelly and take her to Steffy's. Steffy needs to hire someone to replace Amelia.

I agree. So was telling Finn that he was being evasive. Yes, Steffy indeed needs to get more help. Or if she and Hope get along enough, why can't Hope have the kids at the cliff house for an afternoon? I guess Hope is trying to give Steffy peace, but if Steffy can agree to be cared for like a guest in her own home and let Hope help, maybe they could do that.

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