Will Shauna/Quinn be outed at the wedding redo? (General)

by Bystander07, Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 6:30AM (9 days ago) @ Torval

Im hoping Ridge over hears it and tells Quinn he will do it and on the wedding day they lock Shauna in a closet and Brooke comes down the stairs with a viel covering her face and Quinn is sitting there all smiling and smug and just as their ready to take thier vows Ridge lifts the veil revealing that its actually Brooke and Quinn jumps up to go find Shauna and lets her out and they both stand on the stairs and watch as Ridge and Brooke renew their Vows....and everyone there is in on it and after their done they are both kicked out by Eric....they can go get an apartment together and live schemingly ever after :lol

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