Tight-knit (General)

by aliceneversmarinedelterme, Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 3:19AM (2 days ago) @ Lope2.0
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Steffy'"adultery" happened because of Liam cheating first,Liam breaking every promise he made to her,and Liam not giving a freaking thought to his wife, on his deathbed, showing how little she means to him,how anyone he claims he loves means so little to him. He was too busy cheating on his wife to think about her, or his brother, or his dead mother,...or anyone he claims he loves.Steffy didn't sleep with the specers withing a year and it would be Hope who went from Liam to Wyatt withing seconds because Liam was 5 minutes late, and enjoyed pitting both brothers against each other. Finn know Steffy, that she's not perfect is flawed but is an amazing woman with all her flaws.

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